This Is My First Video Blog

!! This Is My First Video Blog !!

This is my first video blog! It was fairly simple to make. I just finally made the decision to do it. Is there room to make it better? Of course… But I took the first leap… And there will be many more leaps to take… And most of all, I want YOU to take the leaps too!

Now, it’s your turn to make a decision.
What that decision is, is totally up to you, just as long as you make one.

Gone are the days of saying, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” No longer can you say, “I’m just too damn busy.”

You want to create something special?
You want to leave something behind that only you can leave behind?
You want to do work that matters?

The one way to do so is to take action.

Here are the steps to get you moving:
1) Define what your source is, that unique voice inside you.
2) Decide what you are going to do to bring that voice out.
3) Discuss it with other people. Make it real.
4) Do it.

If I can do it, I promise, you can do it too.
All you have to do is make a decision.

Egging on a Decision for the Legacy of You,

1) Do the steps above.
2) Share with me or put in the comments section how it goes!




2 thoughts on “This Is My First Video Blog”

  1. 1) what makes me unique is that i am part of the small 13% of people fufilled by their work. Sometimes I feel like I may not be in the right place as far as employment, but I am positive that my career field is the right one for me. i am unique in so many ways, but i do not properly utilize my uniqueness or talents and in turn I am a very pessimistic and negative person. But I believe the ability to recognize that as a good thing, however I don’t do much to change it, which brings me to .. 2) I hope today to make a concious decison to be more positive, whether it’s in the little things such as recognizing the gifts that I do have instead of focusing mostly on things that I don’t, or something small like coping with stressful daily situations. I always say “i WISH I had a better attitude.. i WISH i had a more positive outlook on life..” There is no wishing for a successful outcome, there is only DOING. As one of my favorite sayings goes “If wishes and buts were a cluster of nuts then we’d all have a bowl-a granola!!” I’ve decided to try my best to ward out negative thoughts and if I don’t believe that I can do it, I simply cannot.

    1. Dude!!!!! Well said, the whole thing! Yeah, you certainly did find your nitch in the world! And it sounds like you are a lot like me in the sense that it takes me a crap ton of work to seek out th positive… That’s what got be involved with the personal growth world in the first place: my need to find the positive myself…..Keep away from the Granola, and keep finding ways to build to habits to seek the gratitude and positive moments as much as you can… MUCH LOVE!

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