Never commit to a decision without doing this one thing first


Never Commit To A Decision Without Doing This One Thing First

I’m notorious for having a great idea, and saying to myself or my team, “Let’s write that down and revisit it”. Guess how big my list of amazing ideas is? Hundreds of ideas, with many, if not most, unexecuted.

Ideas are useless when they go unexecuted.

No one is truly creative or brilliant without action behind them.

As a matter of fact, I was sitting in the Delta Lounge this week at LAX, and two people I met there were complaining that every time they have an idea, someone else shortly after makes it real. Can you relate? Can you feel the pain of all the things you anticipated to do but have not? I know I can. And I am certain that I’m not willing to keep having that feeling of unrealized thought occur.

Now is the time for us to start living up to our legacy-leaving-potential even more than we already are.

How are we going to do that? Well, my sister Sam and I recently went together to Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within. My brain was crammed from the 3.5 Days / 50 hours of peak performance experience and information. There’s one thing that stuck with me and was so simple that it just had a home-run effect on me:

“Never leave the scene of a decision without first taking a specific action toward its realization.”

I bet you are saying what I said to myself when this statement was made… “Well, Duh”. However,how many times have you said, “I got an idea” or “I need to do that”? Just like the time management concept of never touch something twice, the same can go for our unrealized ideas.

Take the next step:

when one of us have an idea, and we would like to move it forward, we need to take the next action to make it a tangible reality:

Send the text

Make the call

Send the E-Mail

Set the appointment

Stand up

Speak up

Order the book

Add it to your calendar

Once momentum starts, it will be easier to keep it going than if we never set the momentum to begin with.

Magic happens with action, and can only happen with deliberate, purposeful steps. Magic is simply energy made into something tangible, and action requires energy to make the next steps happen.

You declare you want to inspire more people,
You declare want to provide for your family and future,
You declare you want to create more,
You declare you want more energy.
If you want these things, put more energy behind them at the time of inception.

Just like human conception, if there is no energy behind it immediately, human life would not begin.

Take a specific action dedicated to the decision you committed to right now.

Your physical body is what allows you to take your thoughts and turn them into something real. Not taking action is a sin towards your creative life.

Seriously, if you read this far you are either my Mother or you actually are invested in making more good-Shyt happen.

  • 1 What is one decision you already made, but took no action to propel it forward?
  • 2 What action can you take to make this idea into a reality?
  • 3 Commit to it by first stating it in the comments section, Then take the action.

Provoking The Legacy of You,
Michael Ian



  • Do steps 1 & 2 & 3 NOW!

PSSST: I love talking about the topic of taking action. Have a group that this message would be good for? Shoot me an email now to find out how I can inspire your team.

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