You Have No Obligation To Read This

“You Have No Obligation to Read This Right Now”

With all these distracting notifications on your phone: email, texts, & the entirety of your apps from social media to news, you’re constantly checking your phone. The not-so-helpful notifications are there for your support to help you be more productive and efficient. I think? 5 seconds here and 15 seconds there…. thirty minutes later all this time begins to add up. It’s already mid-day and you’ve accomplished nothing on your to-do list. You’re procrastinating.

Just like this blog, you have no obligation to read this or them right now. For some reason, you’re still reading this though.

We need to hold ourselves accountable for The meaningful work needs to get done first and checking to see Kim Kardashians latest selfie can happen later.

Your mother’s new fudge recipe, your friends invite to go bowling, the new like to your Facebook page, and your email about people to follow on twitter … They can all wait. It’s only white noise. You have a Legacy to protect, get to it.

Pinging The Legacy of You,

I would love to grow together; please share any of your answers in the comments section below!

  1. What 1 thing can you stop from distracting you on a regular basis
  2. Turn it off now
  3. Write in the comments section what you did. Be a hero for us all


2 thoughts on “You Have No Obligation to Read This Right Now”

  1. I need to turn off Facebook. I will turn off notifications as a start.

    I just completed a new moon ritual. Healing procrastination was my intent. So glad this blog popped up!

    1. Awareness is the first step… Everything i’ve seen you generate this year proves you have a voice worth listening to, so why not create more time for yourself to create by ignoring the noise everyone else is creating… Here is a video you would probably like that I did

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