One Word Resolution

Set a word.

A one word intention to guide through the year.

For me, this new year’s word is “Control”.
The year before that it was “Fulfilment”.
And the year before that it was “Infrastructure”.

Choosing ONE word themes for your upcoming year.

If you were to have a party that was themed around “The Ocean”, you would fill it with things such as water, fish, coral, sand, and cruise ships… You would not fill it with cactuses, fancy cars, or Hippopotamuses.

Same goes with selecting an intention based theme

If you want to loose weight and your theme is fun, then you are going to choose exercises and dieting that is fun. If you want to make more money, and your theme is “Relationships”, then you will focus on strengthening relationships with people. If your theme is “Focus”, then you will start to build practices in your day that will create more concentrated moments of mindfulness.

Pick a theme and take 365 days to master the F’ out of it.

You already know what your goals are. The hard thing for most people is the execution of the goals. Like a coloring book, by first creating the lines in advance for what you will color, you will always know the exact route to get closer to your goals. All you need to do is stick to the theme.

Write the theme down on your window. Sow it into all your underwear. Draw pictures of the word on your notepad. Just make sure it is somewhere that you will see it and be reminded of it daily.

Then set 5 minutes a week to reflect on how you did sticking to your theme. Schedule a time to journal, talk to a friend, or just meditate on the year long exercise.

The mind does some pretty kickass things when you give it boundaries and something specific to focus on.

You may not live your theme 100% every day, but having a themed life offers a lot more control than a life with no boundaries at all.

It’s easy to stick to a theme. So… What the heck do you have to lose?

So… What is your ONE WORD going to be??

Themeing The Legacy of You,
Michael Ian Cedar


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