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I’m going to start off the bat here and make sure credit is given where credit is due. After seeing Groundhog’s Day on Broadway I went out with my friend Michael Krug who is a stage manager on the show. He shared this ‘fable’ with me:

So, we already know about the taxes we pay to the good ol’ government.

But as go-getters and thought-leaders there is another type of tax that we pay…

You probably don’t even realize, but it is a mandatory tax.

That tax we pay is to the F’ Up Fairy….

Yup, you read that right.

You want to do something impressive beyond belief?
You want to do something that helps us evolve as a human species?
Then there will eventually be a price to pay.

Whenever you do something that is totally outside of your comfort realm, or outside of your industries’ current scope, there are going to be hiccups. It’s just part of the game. These new frontiers you are exploring have not been ironed out yet, so mistakes or miscalculations will happen inevitably.

So… At some point during your adventures as an adrenaline filled super-hero thought-leader-of-life, you are going to misstep, and it will come at some form of cost:

• Financial
• Time
• Relationship
• Humility

The Fuck Up FairySo, just like you want to pay as little taxes as possible to the government, you want to pay the F’ Up Fairy as little as possible too. For every ounce of resources given to the F’ Up Fairy, you are draining yourself of the necessary resources to make your passion project come to life.

It’s all part of the growth experience.

Truth is, if you are never paying the F’ Up Fairy, you are probably not playing to your potential.

With great risk comes great reward,
Also with great risk will come a higher tax to pay to yo’ Fairy.

So…. Go big, go all out, but don’t whine and complain that you have to eventually pay for your F’ Up.
Paying the Fairy is part of the deal you have with life.

Don’t hate the Fairy, hate the Fairytale
Or… Don’t hate the Fairytale at all, and just go step into the story and win.

Playing it safe is for everyone else.
Not for us. Not for those who want to be the artists of our lives.

F’ing Up The Legacy of You,


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