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I Was More Productive Last Week Than I Have Been In Years

The NYC Creative Space, aka office, was quiet last week.

Several of my key team members were not working their regular track.
They were out of the space either traveling on the road, on vacation, or training new staff.
It probably has not been that quiet in a few years.
As a matter of fact, for several days, I even put my phones on “Do Not Disturb” just to try to heighten the silence.

And you know what?
I completed a crap ton of work.
I mean, more work than I normally accomplish in two or three weeks.

Did I have less work than usual?
Was my team less important last week?

Simply having less people physically around created fewer distractions & interruptions for me

This was a big ole reminder of the importance of remaining focused.
It doesn’t hurt me to be more disciplined and give myself permission to shut the door, to turn off the phone, or to ask my team to interrupt me at 4:30 instead of RIGHT NOW.

I want to be there for my team and have open doors, but I also want to serve them, which sometimes means I need space for focused energy. I even have a name for this type of pre-planned isolated energy time called, “The Coffee Shop.” (Ironically, I don’t even drink coffee. I do love tea though…)

I share this with you because I want you to create something fricking amazing for the world! To do that you sometimes need to have momentum and interruptions are the enemy of momentum.

Learn from my experience last week and remind yourself that sometimes you need space to focus. In the end, you will be able to give your team and the people around you more of yourself if you give yourself more time to focus and create something #KickAss.

Silencing Distractions For The Legacy Of You,


  1. Go to your calendar and insert your “Coffee Shop” time now
  2. Prove you truly set aside the time by putting the time you picked in the comments section below!


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