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Ranking #1 In Google (aka: How long to get noticed)

The other day I noticed a bunch of traffic coming to the Legacy of You website. When I looked into it most of the traffic seemed to be leading to my blog called “50 Careers For People Who Love to Inspire Others”.

Curiosity struck me as to how all this traffic ended up to this one blog. So, I went to Google and I tried a few searches:

“Jobs that Inspire Others”

“Careers to Inspire Others”

“Inspire People for a Living”

Every time I would list a phrase like one of these, it turned out that my blog ended up at the top of the organic Google search.

My dream is to be the #1 personal growth media and entertainment company in the world and to have a positive impact on every human on earth. This recent Google ranking for this one specific blog is one really awesome step towards achieving that goal. The more people I can reach and the more people I can have an impact on, the greater the strength of my brand.

So, I share this with you as a reminder that to get noticed in today’s digital age, it takes amazing discipline. I wasn’t trying to be #1 in a Google search. I was simply creating content because I find it rewarding to help people. I do it because I love it.

As the phrase goes, “Do what you love and the money will follow”. I’ve always been a big fan of that and I’ve always lived it successfully. Maybe in today’s world the phrase should be, “Do what you love and the ranking will follow”.

What does this one ranking mean for my company? I don’t know exactly, YET, but the hope is that it is one more tool that helps me do MORE of what I want to do: More speaking engagements, connecting me with more thought-leaders, building trust in investors and creatives, and most importantly, inspire more people to evolve their lives so that they may pursue meaningful work everyday.

I’ve been blogging since March 2008. Almost 10 years now.

Could I have been more strategic? Yup
Could I have been clearer about who my audience is? Yup
Could I have built a business model to make money through the blog? Yup
Could I have spoke to more role-models to help me accelerate my reach? Heck Yup

One thing I knew for sure is I wanted to have an impact, even if it was only on one person. Do I want to impact millions more? Absolutely. But I, just like you, have to start somewhere. Even if the path is not perfectly clear, and even if I have no idea what the hell I’m doing.

Start writing
Start inventing
Start creating
Start networking
Start cooking

Just start. Evolve as you go. Learn every step of the way.

It will get you way further than if you never started at all.

Eventually, you will get noticed. Maybe you will get noticed in a day, maybe you will get noticed in a year, or maybe you will get noticed long after you’re gone. What does it matter exactly when you will get noticed, if you are doing what you love and pursuing your dream everyday of your life?

Whether you are ranking #1 or you are ranking #1,000,000 – You at least are ranking and playing in the game of life. Once you start playing, then you can figure out how to get to be #1, the best.


Ranking the Legacy of You,

I would love to grow together; please share your answers in the comments section!

  1. Why do you want to create what you want to create?
  2. What the heck is stopping you from creating it?
  3. Start creating, right now.

Put in the comments section what your answers to all three questions above. I’ll reply!


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