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Ask Yourself: How would you define what you do best?


The name of this blog used to be AskYourselfInEntertainment. The sole purpose was intended for you, the reader, to produce remarkable entertainment that had a defined cause or purpose. The blog was intended to ask questions that would help provoke you to create outstanding contributions for the world through entertainment.

It turns out that oftentimes the people who enjoyed the posts the most were people who were not from the entertainment world or people who are in the arts, but were from people more interested in personal growth.  I was getting feedback and encouragement from all sorts  people who have a deep desire to serve their fellow humans.

It seems that the people who follow my postings and forward them the most are individuals who are obsessive about staying true to what makes them unique. They are scared that they will lose what is most precious to themselves in the daily grind, but there is no amount of money that can rob them of what is most uniquely them.

As I look back on my favorite posts, the voice that wrote them was the voice that came from deep inside me and the question that seems to continuously occur in the majority of my entries is, “What is important to me”. If it is important enough for me, it will hopefully also be important for someone else.

My passion has always been to help people pursue their passions. I knew this from the age of 8 when I would read self-help books into a tape recorder and distribute them to my friends. I just happen to really enjoy the “business of show,” but if I were to ask what it is I do best in the world, the truth reveals that I love connecting to people and helping them discover what is important to them and how they can bring that passion and uniqueness to the world. How can people best get all the music out of them while they have the chance to roam the grounds? That is what this blog about.

My utopia would be a world full of people that are truthful about what makes them impassioned and that they would use that uniqueness to serve. Be it through garbage collection, waiting tables, running a bank, or producing a dance competition.

Welcome to this shared journal (Aka: Blog): “The Legacy of You.”

Same great flavor, simply a more truthful name to what the content is about.



– Michael Ian Cedar


Ask Yourself: How would you define what you do best?

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