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I sat down with Chasta Hamilton Calhoun of in beautiful Bryant Park to listen as she shares her advice on how we can all avoid stagnation, both in our personal and professional lives by ‘reinventing.’


To Chasta, reinvention means not becoming complacent in one’s situations. She advises to stay active and keeping yourself constantly out of the comfort zone. Like us at The Legacy of You, she believes everyone should inspire to become the best versions of themselves. By being creative, she believes we can all be as well-rounded and successful as we can be.

Each person can have their own vehicle, to get to their intention. Whether they are a doctor or a dancer, the ultimate intention is up to them.

Take a listen to the inspiring Chasta Hamilton Calhoun below:

Chasta Hamilton Calhoun - video link - The Legacy of You

Live your purpose!

Follow Chasta Hamilton Calhoun’s business twitter page @StageDoorDance and feel free to tweet her questions and comments.

Reinventing your legacy,
Michael Ian Cedar


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