I like role models….No, I am not talking about the recent movie.

One of greatest lesson I learned in business was the importance of Role Models. Unfortunately I did not learn this lesson until many years after I was in business.  I spent lots of time building my party entertainment company and let pride hinder my ability to excel. I was surrounded by DJs, party planners, and vendors yet never sought any of them out for advise or to see how they ran their companies.  I invested a lot of time reinventing wheels that other have already created. It is hard for me to imagine how my first company would have been different if I weren’t so stubborn.

I am very excited to say that that stubbornness has been suppressed greatly. After I left the Bar-Mitzvah and Wedding scene I became much more proactive in my search to learn from others. I enjoy learning from the fortune (and misfortune) of my fellow peers.

I look forward to adding some additional role models to my list. Last week I received my acceptance to the C.T.I. 14 Week Producers Workshop. I am very excited to speak with some of the best in the entertainment business while saturating my brain with others who share the same passion as myself.  I look forward to bringing the knowledge I gain at the workshops with the readers of the TrendErtainment Blog.

If there is anything specific any of you would like me to cover let me know in the comments section below.

Question of the moment: What one person can you contact right now to have as a role model for something that you want to do, but have been putting off ? (Doesn’t have to be show-biz related). Ok… Now send that person an e-mail, make a phone call, or write a letter to that person RIGHT NOW !

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