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“I was smacked down, and I deserved it.”

The other day, while talking to my sales coach Sarah Bryant, I shared some new knowledge I obtained which I was super excited to share with her.

Her response:

“I’m impressed that you know this. I’ll be more impressed when you are doing it.”

I felt a bit smacked down, but I deserved it.

As my coach, Sarah knew that without an action plan there would be no forward momentum. She was calling me out on my s****! I personally needed to feel smacked down in order to take the next step. The more action taken in my creative endeavors, the more inspiration I get to spread.

“I’m impressed that you know this. I’ll be more impressed when you are doing it.”

Two great reminders for us can be found in this one simple statement:

  1. It’s one thing to know something and talk about it. It’s another thing to do something with that knowledge. Some people say knowledge is power. I disagree. Knowledge is your POTENTIAL power. This is why when I hire people, I don’t look at their college degree. I look at their track record. It’s not about what you know, it’s about what you’ve done, what you’re doing, and what your action plan is!
  2. Keep surrounding yourself with people like Sarah. Friends, coaches, role-models, & co-workers who will be excited for you, but no matter how excited they are will still hold you to the next version of your best self.

So… I turn this over to you now. What do you know that you need to act on, eh?

Holding Accountable The Legacy of You,

I would love to grow together; please share any of your answers in the comments section below!

  1. What knowledge do you hold that you often brag about? What actions have you not taken yet? State it here so we can hold each other accountable like my friend Sarah did for me. (Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Take this small task and turn it into an action.)


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