Coffee Break With Sabra - With Michael Ian Cedar

Good Day My Fiery Bellied Friends!

Imagine a world where your vocational WAS your vacation! Just…Man…The thought of it makes me smile… And lucky enough for me, I do live that life…. So… Yes… I am smiling right now… AND I do this blog so you can smile just as much.. Maybe even more? Yeah.. I know you can smile more than me… Accept the challenge?

I am so excited to share this with you.  I just spoke  on a weekly program yesterday called “Coffee Break With Sabra” about something that motivates me every day and is the core of what I live for AND I know is possible for you as well.

I was interviewed on Coffee Break with Sabra on the topic of Pursuing Your Passion and Monetizing It.

 During my interview you will discover the inner workings of my obsessive crazy brain :

·  What is “Passion” and how to figure it out if you have not already ?

·  The reasons why you need to understand what sets  you on fire.

·  How you can monetize your passions $$

Sadly you did miss it because I didn’t get word out soon enough … It aired on Wednesday… .. HOWEVER… It was such strong material, Sabra said she will re-play it again on Friday (That’s tomorrow) You can still get the call-in details for my interview by signing up here.. But you need to sign up TODAY (Thursday) so you can be prepared to get the link to re-play tomorrow (Friday)….

Enjoy listening in on my brain…You know, like listening to a Conch shell filled with music..  It’s taken me 36 years to figure all this out. Sabra asked me such strong questions that we manage to dump it all out in a few minutes!!!

Are you with me!? Yeah you are!


Oh… And 25 points for anyone who can tell me how I know Sabra in the first place. Amazing story proving that even out of the darkest of times the best things can come! Hint: She is a Lawyer

Oh..Oh… I agreed to speak on Sabra’s series because she is LIVING PROOF, that you can take what you love and keep finding new ways to make what you love grow… “Coffee Break With Sabra” is something she is passionate about, the topics she cares about, and most important, she just wants to add value to people’s lives..


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