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How To Spot Meaningful Opportunities In Your Future Engagements

We all have 24 hours in a day.
We all have 7 days in a week.
We all have 52 weeks in a year.

HOWEVER, we do NOT know how many years, weeks, or days each of us have left.

It’s Wednesday, which means you have already completed 2 full “Legacy Days” so far this week; NOW, you have 5 more days to find additional meaningful opportunities to engage with those around you.

Here are helpful ways to spot potential meaningful opportunities in your future engagements:
– Does this opportunity help free someone up to do something they love?
– Does it help alleviate fear in someone else?
– Does it help the human race evolve?
– Does it heal the planet Earth?
– Does it reduce pain?
– Does it add value?
– Does it connect?

Of course the most important thing you should focus on as you find meaningful opportunities is a way to bring a unique sense of YOU to them. It’s comfortable to duplicate what everyone else does. It takes true bravery to bring organic YOU to the opportunities you seize.

Seizing The Uniqueness Contained in The Legacy Of You,


  1. What are some of the most meaningful opportunities you seized over the past 7 “Legacy Days?”
  2. What are some meaningful opportunities you can already start planning for in your next 7 “Legacy Days?”

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