When Money Doesn’t Talk – Partnerships in Entertainment

Partnerships are a valuable way of building a brand. It is hard to put a price tag on the value driven by an association with a reputable organization. There are many win/win possibilities out there. In trade, in eblast swaps, in awareness opportunities, in product placements…You get it.
I am proud to announce my most recently won partnership. This partnership is a one hand washes the other payment system. We promote them, they promote us, we have their clients eyes, they have my industries heart.
Ladies and Gentlemen, today at 1:30 PM Eastern Time, StarQuest International will be formally announcing our alliance with the Broadway show Burn The Floor.
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Do You Want a Job or a Life? Represent!

Often I get questions through email, phone calls, and faxes (Yes… I get asked questions through fax from time to time….I didn’t even know my efax number was still active…). Here are a sampling of some of the questions I get:
– Should I send my theatrical resume or my business resume?
– Do you need a cover letter?
– Is there a limit to how many words I should keep my cover letter to?
– Would you like a photo? (Hu?)
– What should I wear to the interview?
Here is my answer to all of the above questions: “Apply in a way you would like to represent yourself for this particular position”.
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