How Dirty is Free?

In my studies to understand why free is so popular for businesses right now I found the following fantabulous analogy and here it is: The Bikini Concept Introduced by marketing writer Sean D’Souza. By giving away 90%, the user is willing to “pay” to see the last 10%. I know…I hear you saying “How chauvinistic Mr. Sudarski!”, (That was my family name before we got off the boat).
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Not Mr. Wizard! – Marketing to the Youth of America

During children’s television programming the FCC has placed safeguards on advertisements to protect the youthful observers who has not yet necessarily figured out that advertisers are out to manipulate you.
I found the following FCC guidelines extraordinary:
1) There must be a transition between the program and the advertisements. The purpose of this is to separate the show’s influence from the product itself. This is why you hear “After these messages…” & “Now a brief word from our sponsor..” (I never knew why they said those things. It has become such a part of my childhood that I never questioned it).
2) Host selling during children’s programming is not allowed. Meaning you won’t see Mr. Wizard selling you a science kit in a commercial during his own show. (Wait.. Is that show even on the air still? I always wanted to be one of the kids on that show! If the show ever has a comeback I want on it!)
3) Products being sold in the advertisement cannot be part of the program content. Meaning, You won’t see Golden Grahams as part of the storyline in SpongeBob if they are an advertiser. (I don’t think the Sponge would like the cereal anyway…To soggy)
4) There must be a “Tombstone Shot” – The product must be in a shot all by itself with out the extra toys and accoutrement that can be purchased separately.
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Be the Weather

My friend Marisa Escolar once asked what I wanted to be when I grew up.
I answered, “I want to be the weather.”
The weather is an experience that people share. It is what people talk about with each other everyday. It affects people’s lives and the way they feel.
I want the entertainment I create to be like the weather (hopefully good weather). I want my project to alter a person’s experience in life. I want a group of people to share a common bond together. Then I want people to go talk about it because they want to share that common bond.
As you develop and market your next property ask yourself, “How can I be the weather?”.
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Twittering the Birth of a New Company

You can now find me on Twitter under the name MICedar.
Lots of incredible things in the works for 2009. I would love to have you join me for the ride.
Why did I join twitter other than the fact that it’s a fun toy for my iGoogle page and blackberry?:
1) A really neat way to archive the creation of Future Generations Entertainment.
2) Another way to market my services as an Entertainment Professional.
3)) I can keep see what other people in entertainment and business are doing.
4) Hands on experience out how I can incorporate Web 2.0. into my new projects
Want to learn more about how Twitter can assist your business: A great blog posting on the benefits of Twitter here.
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