Do Your Company Members Want to Be Measured?

Setting clear goals doesn’t mean micro-managing your team. Detailed expectations will guide the way while allowing your company the room to add their own nuances.
You may say to a group sales representative, “It is your job to sell groups of 10 or more. Now go!”. If this is the expectation set to your group sales representative, he may sell two groups of 10 in one week and think he did a fantastic job; meanwhile you are starting to pull your hair out.
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I’LL SHOW YOU MINE IF YOU SHOW ME YOURS (I am talking about Goals!)

What I Learned When I was 12 Years Old:
Goal setting can be as simple as writing down your top 3 things you want to achieve, or as complex as a full 10-year plan for life. Regardless to how you go about committing to your goals, the mere act of getting them down on paper and (possibly) sharing it with others brings a huge element of reality to your aspirations. To go really in-depth Google: goal setting here.
Just Do It:
I encourage you all to set a minimum of three big goals (RIGHT NOW!) that you would like to attain in your entertainment/arts career this year. I further challenge you to share them with the other readers of the TrendErtainment blog by listing them in the comments section below.
(Dad, I want you to participate in this exercise too!)
For those of you who don’t want to spend too much time on this TrendErtainment exercise, here is a basic set of instructions for simple goal setting:
1) Pick up a pad of paper or pen (or open a new document on your computer).
2) Write down the top three things you want to achieve in the next 365 days.
3) Share these three thing or more in this blog
4) Put your goals somewhere safe and review monthly (Give yourselves an evaluation on how your doing).
It is my GOAL to have a minimum of three readers list their entertainment goals in the comments section below. Perhaps another reader in this blog can help you attain your goal!
Go ahead, what do you have to lose?
I will even follow up with you every other month through the year to see how your progress is doing.
I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours:
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I stopped, and realized its time to work smart. I realized that if I concentrated on one area of focus at a time (instead of working in all 10 at a given moment), I would accomplish more in a hour than I would in a week working “Hard”. If I spent 1 hour focusing on nothing but marketing I would get a huge return. If I focused 1 hour on finances I would have crystal clear numbers. If I focused on 1 hour on educating myself, I would be smarter!!!
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Literally Out-Of-The-Box / Buskers & Street Performers

– Buskers can be traced as early as the 1700s in New York City.
– In 1935 during the depression, Mayor LaGuardia banned buskers because many people were trying to generate income via entertaining causing chaos in the streets.
– In 1970 Mayor Lindsey lifted the ban after it was found to be unconstitutional.
– It is legal to perform on Subway platforms but not in the subway car.
– Amplification may be used if you have a permit.
– Buskers may not legally sell promotional items without a permit.
– Buskers may ask for donations but not force payment.
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