Free Technology for Entertainment !

When I was a company manager on the road, I would ask myself daily “How did people do this without technology?. It is unfathomable for me to grasp the concept that the touring industry didn’t have GPS, laptops, wi-fi internet cards, cell phones, PDAs, Etc….
As someone who lived out of a suitcase and had to pack my office in a box the size of a dishwasher everyday, I had to be as economical with my personal and office space as possible.
Here are two simple technology’s that cost nothing and make life very easy. If you are not already signed up for these or like services, I highly recommend you check them out:
Free Conference(
– Free phone conference service. Have upto 98 people on line at once
Free Faxing ( E-Fax)
– Receive and send faxes on your computer for free !
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