I’ve been meeting with Michael weekly for 5 months now and I have seen a great improvement in my work life and happiness. Michael has helped coach me in many aspects of my work and personal life. He is an invaluable resource and I will be continuing to meet with him regularly. He has a genuine passion for his work and the people he works with, and I am happy to call him both a coach and now, a friend.
Shak Khavarian, Senior Marketing Manager on Fortnite at Epic Games


Michael is an amazing executive coach. He has a mixture of theoretical knowledge and a bag of real-world-ready practical tips that can produce rapid progress. He is personable, patient, encouraging, and always a bundle of great energy and enthusiasm to effect positive change. In my brief coaching exercise with Michael, I could distinctly feel myself learning and growing in both managerial skills and leadership attitude, and most importantly, confidence. I would recommend Michael without reservation to anyone who is looking for a positive and effective coaching experience that produces tangible results.
Abel Lee, Head of Financial Services Industry Partner Engagement at World Economic Forum


I highly recommend working with Michael, not only because he’s an outstanding coach, but because he truly loves what he does – which in my case meant helping me figure out the best next steps to pursue a fulfilling career on my own terms. When I first started working with Michael, I quickly realized his immense talent for asking the right questions and “peeling back the layers” during each of my coaching sessions with him. He was extremely helpful in bringing clarity to my own career goals and defining a path forward so I could feel confident taking action and making decisions on my own. Michael’s passion and enthusiasm for helping people shines through in every interaction that I had with him. If you’re looking for some guidance on how to bring focus to your own career “next steps”, book a few coaching sessions with Michael – you’ll gain clarity (and peace of mind) in no time.
Kristen Henkels, Customer Success at Knote


Michael is remarkably good at asking the right questions. He’s a deep listener and quickly ventilates the air, purges all the pollution, and leaves you with a clean crisp vision of success and far more oxygen than when you started. No matter how much clarity you think you have, Michael miraculously unearths ways to get you to pause and reevaluate the situation. Here’s the most precious thing Michael has given me: time. His ability to accelerate to the point and provide pro-active solutions has, without question, 10X my performance and secured the personal and professional lifestyle I want, faster.
Royce Marcus, Sales Strategy Manager at Doordash


Michael spoke at my company’s annual training and brought an energy like nothing we have seen before. His charisma and humor mixed with his vast knowledge in the field kept the team interested and engaged the entire time. Everyone left feeling inspired, motivated and prepared to start the season. Months later, in conversation, my crew will still reference his takeaways, which is a further confirmation of how he inspired them. I hope to have Michael return for years to come.
Melissa Burns, President of Turn It Up Dance Challenge – National Tour


Michael Ian Cedar is an amazing mix of enthusiasm, passion, and dedication. He dreams of inspiring the world and takes steps each day to do just that. If you are looking to be inspired, find your passion, turn your world upside down in just the rightway, connect with Michael! There is something powerful about working with someone who is walking their talk… Michael does just that!
Dr. Marcie Beigel, Founder & Behavior Expert of Behavior and Beyond



When Michael Ian Cedar speaks, the room listens. And, after he’s said what needs to be said, the room changes. His powerful words and presentation abilities adapt to a variety of audience and engagement scenarios. Most importantly, the delivery of his presentation rocks the room. I consistently hear back from people months and years after his presentations- they write because his message lingered in their life and changed it for the better. That’s impact!

Chasta Hamilton, The Dance Exec.

Chasta Hamilton - The Legacy of You

Michael Ian Cedar gives a workshop with practical information for the person in any profession that wants to run their business with heart and savvy. It is fun, it is interactive, and most of all it becomes a part of you. He is able to re-ignite the passion in your business and he is able to point out details you may be overlooking. I highly recommend him to any business, organization, or individual.

Robin Carus, Robin Carus Casting.

Robin Carus - The Legacy of You

I am so excited to be able to recommend Michael’s coaching services to anyone that will listen!!!  Firstly, Michael and I have been professional associates for over ten years.  In that time we have also become Leadership Buddies, where Michael encourages me to learn and grow into a better leader.

Michael has led a few training classes for Road Rebel, the company I work for.  We are a mid-sized company with a very interesting culture, music, dogs, hardworking individuals, but really at a loss as to how to define this culture and cultivate it into any meaningful expectations.  Michael suggested getting really clear on our Value’s and our Company Creed.  He was so passionate about this that he hosted an all-day management retreat where he structured a training with all of our executives, we spent the day debating and agreeing upon what is important to us.  At the end of the day we came out with our Creed and our Value’s.  The very next day, Michael helped to coach us through a presentation to the company.  We were able to draw on personal examples of why these values are important to us and Road Rebel in creating value to the staff.  The presentation was a huge success and since then has pointed us all to the direction we need to be going in.  We even incorporated the Value’s and Creed in our initial Boot Camp Trainings, Reviews and also give yearly awards to the individuals that best reflect that value.

Through the years Michael has stopped by the office to lead a training or two which always adds variety and value to our ongoing trainings.  He has led a brown bag lunch where we spent the time talking about how to flip clients into a positive mode of communication.  We invited our Sales team and any coordinator that was interested to attend.  The feedback that I got was that everyone loved the hour of power!  However, the more valuable feedback was when issues came up or discussions happened and the staff would refer back to that meeting and talk about the techniques they used in order to flip the situation, Michaels training was relevant enough to really impact their daily interaction and it stuck with them!

Last year we were lucky enough to get Michael to speak at our annual meeting.  We were focusing on client engagement.  The meeting was a huge success and from that meeting, Michael was able to help out a couple of employees that needed additional personal coaching.  I would recommend Michael to help you with your staff in any area that you think you might need additional support.  He is very flexible in molding a training to fit your needs along with really working with you to up your game.  I am always available as a personal witness to Michaels coaching ability and as a reference.

Debbie Greenfield, Road Rebel.

Debbie Greenfield - The Legacy of You