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Your body and your thoughts are indeed two different things.

Thoughts come from your consciousness, and the body is the vehicle for consciousness to materialize things on the physical plane.

Your consciousness is not necessarily your mind, as your mind–the brain–is part of your body.

Your brain has one key job: to keep the rest of your body alive for as long as it can. The longer your body can stay alive, the more your consciousness can manifest your unique thoughts into the world.

Consciousness never gets tired,
but the physical body does.
Consciousness never gets sick,
But your physical body does.
Consciousness never gets stressed,
But your physical body does.

The moment that your body is under the impression that it is unable to thrive, it will spend its resources (Energy) in a concentrated effort to stay functional.

Like the battery on your smart phone, there is only so much energy. If you have apps open on your phone that are using a massive amount of energy, such as a GPS system or a camera, your phone will allocate its battery power to run those apps. Same goes for your body. If you are stressed, or in a state of dis-ease, your body is going to take its available energy to fight, flight, or freeze.

The more energy that goes to stress and dis-ease, the less energy is available to create rich conscious thoughts.

The human species evolved ability to think and create is something unique to us. Science has proven that our advanced ability to imagine, think, and create is possible because of our advanced Neocortex which sits at the front portion of our brain.

Think about this for a moment: the brain consumes 20-25% of the body’s energy. The imagining, thinking, creative part of the brain requires the most amount of energy to function; however it is the last part of the brain to receive energy. Your survival brain will receive the allocated energy first. That is the reptilian and limbic systems responsible for your breath, heartbeat, and fight, flight or freeze mechanism.

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With these incredible minds, we can do remarkable things with our thoughts.

With our thoughts, we can move into action: we can spread enormous amounts of love, we can create an invention, we can provide a service, we can help evolve the world as we know it. But if our energy goes to emotional or physical survival, it will not be possible to live your purpose to its highest ability.  Your imagine/think/create part of the brain that requires a massive amount of power to operate will never get the energy it needs.

This does not mean that if your body is in pain, or your are emotionally unsettled that you can’t use your body to manifest your thoughts.  However, it certainly means you won’t have the ability to thrive to the max, and put yourself out into the world at 100%, the way you’re meant to be.

Your thoughts are not your body and your body is not your thoughts. That being said, they are connected to one another. Think of it as a ying yang. Both parts are necessary in order to make everything whole and in balance.

To pursue inspiration as a lifestyle, you must be able to feel inspired and be able to create things to inspire others.

If the body/brain is living in a place of fear, resentment, anger, or dis-ease then your chances of using your thoughts to create something remarkable are decreased.

Through The Legacy of You, I will continue to create experiences that illustrate how to separate your thoughts from your body to create maximum legacy-leaving creations for the world. For now, I encourage you to research how to hack your body to maximize your potential. You can dig deeper into how your body is impacted by diet, exercise, meditation, affirmations, stress management, relaxation, breathing, and other practices that keep everything healthy and in balance.

Inspiration as a lifestyle is a commitment, and the number one commitment is to focus on this amazing vehicle you possess to deliver your thoughts into action… Without your body, your thoughts remain unrealized possibility.

Consciously Thinking about The Legacy of You,
Michael Ian



  • On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best) how well is your body being used to transform your thoughts into reality.
  • Place your answer in the comments below. Start the conversation.








6 thoughts on “The Difference Between Your Body and Your Thoughts”

  1. I would say I am at about a nine. But there is a larger chunk for me that is intuition based, which comes from the body, not the mind. When I am taking care of everything I need to take care of. My mind actually does a lot of getting out of the way so that I can receive information.

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