The Door to Happiness - Michael Cedar

The Door to Happiness

Door #1) Fear, Pain, Unhappiness, Dissatisfaction

Door #2) Passion, Vitality, Happiness, Inspiration

For you, is Door #1 the easier door to enter through?
For you is Door #2 the easier door to walk through?

Notice I am asking which door is easier to walk through, not which door would you prefer to walk though.

I know for me, I often walk through Door #1. It’s easier to walk through. It’s already open, It’s wide, and I’m familiar with what is on the other side already.

But I know that door #2 is so much fulfilling. It’s where I prefer to be. It’s where I prefer to play.

So, I, just like you, need to make the CONSCIOUS DECISION to take door #2. Biologically, our nervous system is going to want to keep us safe, so anything that potentially could ruin our chance of survival will have us flee to the closest and most predictable emergency exit. That exit is the closest door to us– Door #1.

So, in the moments you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed and with the desire to escape to door #1, here are three you can do immediately that will help you walk to door #2:

1) BREATHE: When we are stressed our bodies react accordingly. Our breath is shortened, our hearts beat quicker, and we are forced into a protective physical state. Never underestimate the power of breathing and its ability to bring us out of a reactive, primal state.
2) ASK: “What is this here to teach me?”. This is something I heard Oprah discuss. I think it is one of the most powerful questions you can ask of yourself, focusing on the potential for growth in every scenario. If we ain’t growing, we’re dying.
3) TAKE ACTION: It’s easy to stay standing paralyzed in front of or right inside Door #1. Walk away from it or out of it. Reject the idea of stewing in the reactive state you fell into. Move to the next step; the next part of the journey that will evolve you. Taking action. By standing in the doorway, you fall into stagnation. The best way to not get hit by a bus is to move out of its way.

Every time you start walking through Door #1:
– Acknowledge that you walked through it.
– Give yourself no more than 90 seconds to turn around and walk out by acting on the
three steps above.
– Choose to walk through door #2 instead.

We can’t control other people’s choices,
We can’t control the weather,
We can’t control politicians,
But we can control how we react to them.

See you behind Door #2.
Once you we are there we can focus on Inspiration as our lifestyle.

Unlocking The Legacy of You,,

I would love to grow together; please share your answers in the comments section!

  1. What instance did you live through where you walked through Door #1 and stayed there for a really long time?
  2. What would have changed if you took the three steps above? Would it have made a difference?


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