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I have no idea when in my life I heard this story or where I heard it from, but I can tell you that for some reason, it has stuck with me.

I actually think it might have been a math problem in high school. I sucked at math class like you wouldn’t believe.
To this day, I keep pushing myself because of this story. So I will share this simple fable with you:

A drunk Englishman desperately needs to get home to his family on the other side of a river.

He gets in his little boat, and he rows and rows and rows.

He gets tired, his eyes go blurry, and he feels dizzy.

He comes to the realization that there is no way he can complete the trip. He is just too drunk and his body is just too weak.

To ensure his safety, he turns around and rows back to shore.

What he didn’t realize was that he was already more than halfway to the other side.

Whenever I think about this fable, even as I write it, my heart hurts.
It hurts for the Englishman AND for his family, who probably feels scared or abandoned.

Sometimes we get so disoriented pushing ourselves to get to our next destination, we don’t realize how close truly we are.
No matter how much we “row”, we don’t know whether or not we will ever reach the other side of the river.
But we do know how to turn around. To abandon the trip. Because that is easier & familiar territory.

And now, I think of you, and all the amazing things in your life you will start and may never finish.

You are farther along than you think, just by merely wanting to do something meaningful… Keep rowing.

Rowing To Shore The Legacy of You,

I would love to grow together; please share your answers in the comments section!

  1. What is your river?
  2. Should you keep rowing?


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