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Video Blog #003: The Piggy Bank Of Trust

Last year on this blog I brought up the concept of the Piggy Bank Of Trust.
This concept really seems to jive with people, so much so that people use the phrase “Piggy Bank Of Trust” with me almost daily now. I also have many people who ask me about it on Periscope, so I made a video about it to clarify my philosophy on this topic for YOU.

– Do something that adds trust in a relationship = adding money to the Piggy Bank of Trust.
– Do something that removes trust in a relationship = removing money from the Piggy Bank of Trust.
– Do something to break the trust in a relationship all together = breaking your Piggy Bank of Trust beyond the ability to repair it.

Now, it’s very important not to confuse being a “nice guy” or “nice girl” with the need to tell someone the truth to build trust. Some of the people we trust the most in our lives because we know they will be honest with us. This doesn’t mean we will always like what they have to say, but at least we know they will tell us the truth, which in turn builds trust. Of course tact is important, but it’s far too easy to be “nice,” damaging a relationship beyond repair (take it from me; I used to have chronic “Nice Guy Syndrome.”)

Look At Yourself

Sometimes we need to look at ourselves and ask if we withdrew any currency in our relationships. If you take a good look at your “bank statements” (or in the mirror) you may find that you were withdrawing small increments of trust over a long course of time all along, forcing yourself into a negative balance situation.

It’s healthy to ask yourself, “Where am I accountable for this broken Piggy Bank?” Once you start accepting accountability for your relationships, you may find new solutions to healing hurt relationships or preventing positive balance relationships from going into the red.

Who’s Doing All The Withdrawing?

It’s very possible you will even find that you have only been adding currency to the Piggy Bank of Trust and it’s the other person who is perpetually withdrawing from the Piggy Bank.

It might be you OR the other person OR both of you who are responsible for a negative balance. At least you are now aware of this investment practice and can raise your self-awareness to build stronger relationships in your life.

The stronger the trust in your relationships, the more support you have to leave something great behind!

Investing In The Legacy Of You,


  1. In the comments section below list 1 step you can take right now to increase the value of a $0.00 balance or negative balance relationship in your life.
  2. Don’t just sit there, take the step! Let me know how it worked out via e-mail here.

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