I Dont Have Time or This

Busy Disease is a real thing.

It is the dis-ease that accompanies your mindset when you convince yourself that you are too busy to do the work you really ought to be doing.

It is a universal truth on this planet that all of us have 24 hours in a day. What does not apply to all of us, however, is the willingness to prioritize.

The time you claim you don’t have to do something great is there if you carve out that time before you schedule the rest of your day, week, month, etc.

Luckily, carving out time is a skill that can be acquired.

Like changing any habit, there will be resistance at first. First from yourself, and then from the people around you who are used to the expectations you already set for them.

I’m far from perfect when it comes to carving out the time and sticking to it 100%, but since I have started the practice of carving out time, more blogs have been written, more speaking engagements have occurred, there is less thrashing at last minute to get something done and my team and I are getting the chance to create things that matter to other people.

The financial price to do this = $0.

The amount of hours of sleep lost = nada.

Actually, carving out the time to sleep gives you the certainty you get the sleep you need.

So…that time you said you didn’t have:

Find it.
Carve it.
Follow it.

Carving Out Time All For The Legacy Of You,


Post Blog Workshop

1) List three things you have been putting off, but that you know doing will put you closer to leaving something incredible behind.
2) On your calendar, right now, carve that time out this week or next.
3) Let people that would normally be involved in that “time slot” know what and why you have carved that time out for something different.

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