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February, Thursday 28th, 2013 

Who can you gift accountability to?

Jordan Levine is someone who we will all know the work of in
a few years. If you are lucky, you will get the chance to work with him one day
as his passion projects come to life. He is a young producer in the city and
loves theater.

When I say love, I mean it is inside his blood.

And no, he is not the kid running around singing tunes from Rent or Wicked. He talks about the theater as if it is the most important
thing to the human race. He is deeply moved by art and wants to share it with
the world and support others who want to create things for the world to

Since meeting Jordan at a networking event two years ago, we
have been emailing and touching base from time to time about our own respective

One day he sent me a brief message after a correspondence
about deadlines and “shipping.” It read:

 “Give me a call if you want to be held

What a flippin’ awesome statement!

In the world of creating art, discipline is important. What
a gift to hold an artist accountable for his or her own discipline.

When we work in the world of blazing a path, sometimes
little bits of encouragement can ignite the biggest fire…

It is sometimes tough to hold yourself accountable. So… Give
someone else the gift of “Accountability.” Offer to follow up, check in, or
write a contract with someone. I’m sure they will want to do the same for you!

  Who can you gift accountability to?




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