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Thursday, February 14th, 2013
** Valentine's Day ** 

 When do you allow yourself to be vulnerable? 


Vulnerability is a
tool of the muse. 

Vulnerability is why
so many of us artists are a little more sensitive than the status-quo. 

Vulnerably is a
byproduct of living our passion.  

 I have seen too many
people (sometimes including myself) squash their creativity by running away
from vulnerability. It is a lot easier to turn your back to your passion
and never share it with the world than to share it and be rejected.  

Vulnerability in the
modern world requires confidence. 

sometimes does not have reciprocation and we need to be ok with that. 

 Vulnerability requires
the bravery of self-examination. 

Just like a lion or a
grasshopper, we too all have fight or flight mechanism that protects us from
bleeding our hearts all over the floor and being eaten by a predator . The
consequence of this evolutionary instinctual attribute is that we may never get
to share the music that is inside of us. The good news is that we humans,
unlike the other animals in the kingdom, have the ability to rise about our
genetic coding. This is why we can create art…

The artists who are
willing to share their passions with us are considered either heroic or crazy.
Regardless, they are the ones who will evolve the world.  

Today is the big

Just as Halloween
gives you permission to do something a little bit crazy, I hope you use the
tradition of this holiday to share yourself in a way you normally would not;
write the blog, present the idea, create the presentation, tell the story, talk
to a stranger, share the poem…

Happy Valentine's Day.

When do you allow yourself to be vulnerable? 



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