Storytellers, Speakers & Interviewees

This Blog’s First Live Show Is Monday!

… And I want YOU to be with me!

This blog is to provide tools and inspiration to help you pursue work that matters to you. This Monday, January 11, 2016 at 7:00 PM will be my Blog’s first live show! I’ve brought in three AMAZEBALLS speakers to tell their story about how they pursued work that was fulfilling to them.

Even better… IT’S FREE TO ATTEND! And no, I’m not going to ask you to sign up for a time-share tour or any herbal shakes while you are there. I am just doing this as yet another opportunity to share positive messages with other passionate people! (Which is my passion)

RSVP NOW to get inspired by these speakers and storytellers for the inaugural “The Legacy Show” event!:

Sierra Boggess = Currently in ‘School of Rock’ on Broadway

Michelle Hurst = ‘Orange Is The New Black’

Adam Linn = Filmmaker and Author of ‘American Sexy’

(le) poisson rouge is the same place where Yum’s The Word is held (A show I help Robin Gelfenbien put on)… It is also is the same venue where Lauren and I held our wedding-event only a few months ago! So clearly this is a venue with some creative mojo that I believe in!

Since this is in the Gallery Space at LPR, I can only hold about 100 people. I already have 75 spots reserved and I want to make sure the loyal readers of T-LoY get dibs on the remaining seats! Here is the poster for the show. RSVP HERE!

Storytellers, Speakers & Interviewees

Again, RSVP Here, as there really are only a limited number of  these FREE seats remaining.

I’m also looking for themes and speakers for future events. Email me HERE if there are any topics or presenters you would like to recommend for the future show.

Sending Love to The Legacy Of You,

Thanks for all your support as loyal T-LoY readers. Your support is amazing! I couldn’t have done this without you!

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