Time >Money

Time >Money

Time > Money

One day while I was scoping on Periscope I talked about time being a creative persons most valuable currency. One of my viewers typed back,
“Time > Money.”
Actually, to be more precise, they used the following emojis:

Emoji Time Is Greater Than Money

This image really stuck with me, so now, I pass it on to you.

Now don’t get me wrong. I know the resource of money is important, but if you concentrate on time as your most important resource, you can generate even more resources.

As you go through your day today remind yourself that every moment you take, be it to sleep, watch TV, write something, invent something, or to connect with someone, is your time SPENT. We all get the same $24.00 a day. How will you spend yours?

Watching The Hours Of The Legacy Of You

1) Reallocate some of your time today to create something that will eventually bring you more resources, including money.

2) Add what you changed in your day in the comments section below. 

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