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How Much Do You Value Your Mental Real Estate?

I’m walking down the streets of NYC right now, towards the Legacy of You creative space, dictating this blog on my phone. As I look up at the skyscrapers, real estate comes to mind. I’ve lived in Manhattan, from Harlem to Inwood, and from Midtown to The Upper West Side. I can vouch that the famous adage for New York Real estate is indeed true: “Location, Location, Location.” Real estate is simply square footage. It’s space.

Your mind has the same principals of real estate as NYC

It’s just mental real estate instead of square footage. Would you give away 10 square feet of your dwellings, or your bedroom to someone you don’t like? Probably not, at least not willingly. Just like the space in your home, you get to choose who gets the space in your mind.

As you go through your day, choose who gets to occupy your mental real estate

Don’t just give away your real estate for free to a bad tenant. You pay a lot of energy for that mental real estate. Use every square foot the way you want to use it. So, raise your awareness. Who’s acquiring your mental real estate? Maybe you want to give it away. Remember this: You own your domain. You don’t even rent it. Your birth right is that you get to own your own mental real estate. So, go furnish it any way you want and invite guests that you want into your house, your heart, and your mind. I hope you invite me over one day.

Your Broker for The Legacy of You,

I would love to grow together; please share any of your answers in the comments section below!

  1. Name one person or circumstance you allow to dominate your mental real estate
  2. 1) How will you evict that ongoing irritant?


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