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The Storyteller Gap

I want you to leave something really amazing behind at the end of the
• hour
• day
• week
• month
• year
And definitely at the end of your life.

You need people to talk about and share your art (product or service).
Getting other humans to tell good stories about you is how you will make the most impact.
Good organic word of mouth is the nectar of success.

For my teams to have the biggest impact I created, “The Storyteller Gap.”

Here’s a video I made about it for you:


the storyteller gap
When someone interacts with your work they will fall somewhere in THIS gap

Where You Want Your Customers

There are only two places on this gap you actually want your user/audience/customer in:

1) Storyteller: They’ll tell anyone who will listen about their positive interaction with your art.
2) Ambassadors: The people who will recommend your service or product.

Where You DON’T Want Your Customers

The further down The Storyteller Gap your user/audience/customer falls, the more danger they pose to you and your product.
For example:

1) They Don’t Tell Stories At All: These are people who are apathetic about your work. They bring no marketing value to the table whatsoever. They will go to someone else who offers them a coupon.
2) They Tell BAD stories: They didn’t like what you were “selling,” so they tell a few people.
3) They Tell ANYONE Who Will Listen: Their interaction with your product or service was so negative that they will tell anyone who’s willing to listen, i.e. their mom, the babysitter, the person sitting next to them on the bus. This is simply not good for business.
4) They Tell FOX News: They want the whole world to know and will go out of their way to make sure the world finds out. They want to bury you. This is really REALLY bad for business.

It is your goal to close the gap all the way to the top. Wherever your customers or users are currently sitting in the gap, you want them to become STORYTELLERS. You want them telling amazing stories about the uses of your product or the recovery you gave of their bad experience.

The space between the top of the chart and where your users are on the chart is called your “Loyalty Opportunity.” This is the potential that exists before you take the necessary steps to close the gap with people sharing great stories about their interactions with your art.

Closing The Gap To The Legacy Of You,


  1. Which customers of yours are 100% loyal to your work? What stories do they tell other people? How can you get them telling more?
  2. Which customers of yours are below the FREEZE point? How about the “Doesn’t Tell Anyone” point or below? What are you going to do to close the gap and get them to tell stories?

P.S. I have to give props to the following people who inspired The Storyteller Gap one way or another through their own work: Larry Seal, Seth Godin, and Jeffery Gitomer.


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