Waiting For Inspiration

Waiting For Inspiration

Waiting For Inspiration

This resurfaced blog post from 2011 has been given a fresh coat of paint!

Inspiration comes when you keep your creative channels open.

You are not going to be sitting in your room one night after days, weeks, months, or even years of being stagnant and have that inspirational moment strike you out of nowhere.

Productive inspiration comes out of doing.

So, write, paint, produce, invent, design…just do things! Out of doing comes inspiration once you get in the flow.

I meet many people who say they are writers, but they are not writing because they are waiting for a good idea.

I meet too many businessmen who say they are waiting for the right project to approach them.

Perform, cook, play, record…whatever form of art gives you motivation, do it! Then, from working with your muse, she will gift you with the burst you have been wanting.

The more you work with your muse, the more you exercise your mind. The more you exercise your mind, the more ready you will be to flex your creative muscles when your muse strikes you at, what seems, random.

Simultaneously while you are “doing,” be open to experiencing inspiration through other people’s work too.

Inspiration through creating and inspiration through experiencing go hand-in-hand.

Now, stop waiting, and hunt for inspiring moments. The prey won’t come to you.

Resurfacing this blog post was for me, but I hope it inspires you to take action too.

Finding The Muse Of The Legacy Of You,



  • What project can you give a solid hour of “focused” time with your muse to cultivate creation?

List in the comments section what you will spend your hour on and when you will do this, so I can follow up with you.

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