The Legacy Show #004 - Gratitude - Michael Ian Cedar

Listen to these inspirational speakers from “The Legacy Show #004 / Gratitude”

The awesome Dion Flynn from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the inspirational Founder of / Entrepreneur Andrew Horn, and the hilarious NYT Best Selling Author Kambri Crews – take the stage at LPR to tell us their stories of ‘Gratitude’ at The Legacy Show #004.

The Legacy Show, for those of you who aren’t familiar, is a monthly live show in New York City that is based on the content of this blog. It is a quirky take on storytelling events that entertain AND get the listeners thinking about their lives in new ways. The performers and presenters are all people who gave a middle finger to the status quo. If you missed it (or if you want to re-watch any of it again) here are the links to the videos below or the full playlist link here:


Andrew Horn - The Legacy Show

Andrew Horn – Founder of

Andrew Horn talks about gratitude and how it played a major role in his decision to start ‘,’ a company that makes it easy for it’s users to show appreciation to loved ones.

Kambri Crews - The Legacy Show

Hilarious story from Kambi Crews

Kambri shares her story of growing up with a deaf family in the trailer parks of Texas. And how she made it to where she is today. She had the audience laughing all night!

Dion Flynn - The Legacy Show

Dion Flynn delivers!

The talented Dion Flynn gets introspective about his rise to success while being as hilarious as we expected him to be. His Obama impersonation brought down the house.

It’s my utter joy to inspire others to get creative and break down barriers to get to where they can do meaningful work. I hope I get to see you at the next The Legacy Show (TBD). Do you know of any speakers who would be good for this event? Do you have a story to tell? Please send an e-mail to me at!

Remember: Cute quotes and stories don’t make us successful; action does. Supplement your mind and soul with these stories, but the greatest achievements occur with what you do with the motivation.

Motivating the Legacy of You,

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