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Oprah spoke of a great question that she asks of herself during trying times:

“What is this here to teach me?”

How simple is that? How gosh-darn-diggity is that? It’s quite poetic, if you ask me.

I feel… I feel a lot. It used to devastate me when someone would get angry at a situation that I was involved in. I used to clam up, and I used to become subservient. Some people, including my therapist, would say I was just a down right Nice Guy. And I’m telling you, as someone who wants to do some big shiznizle during your time on this planet, I don’t think you clinically want to be considered a nice-guy or a nice-gal.

One of my productive defenses against losing myself to someone else’s anger or disappointment is to saturate those interaction with as many facts as possible.

I ask myself, “What is the lesson here?”

So now that I’ve heard Oprah say it, and now that I know it works tremendously for me, I bestow upon you the gift of: “What is This Here to Teach Me?”

Someone pissed at you?
“What is this here to teach me?”

Someone trying to steamroll you?
“What is this here to teach me?”

Time is precious, and now is NOT the time to allow someone to squash your voice.

By asking this question, “What is this here to teach me?”:

  1. You ensure that you won’t take the other person’s emotions personally.
  2. You take responsibility without passing any blame to another person.
  3. You allow yourself to “Seek first to understand”, which you probably would have missed out on if your fight or flight mechanism had been set off.

So… I’m asking you now. What was the last interaction you had that squashed your voice? You can stay pissed, defensive or as belittled as you wish. But the power and control of how you feel falls completely on you. Ask now, “What was that interaction here to teach me?”

Do you come up with any new answers?

The quality of the questions you ask yourself are in direct proportion to the quality of your life.

Reflecting The Legacy of You,


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