What The Hell Do I Do?

One of the obsessions that comes with being someone who loves to be inspired and loves to inspire others, is the fact that you want to keep growing yourself to be a better person.

So, a consequence to constantly wanting to grow and constantly wanting to help inspire other people is that you may not know what the hell to do to get to your next level.  What do you need to learn?  How are you going to find the time to learn it?  Who else do you need to bring on this journey with you? The list of questions goes on and on….

It’s my observation that most people (certainly including me at times) when they get to that point of not knowing what the hell to do next, give up.  They give up, even though they know getting to that next level is imperative for their creative, personal, and professional life.

It is easy to stay in the place where you are most comfortable. It requires the least effort and it is the most safe. You can’t fail if you don’t try, right? So today, as you’re in that moment where you don’t know what the hell to do, don’t allow yourself to wait till tomorrow. Don’t give yourself the permission to wait until you have more funds.  If you HAVE TO procrastinate, don’t wait a day, or until the right time, or until Mercury is in retrograde with some other interstellar planet.


  • Take a walk
  • Grab a cup of tea
  • Straighten up your desk.

Give yourself MAX, one 5 minute blip of procrastination. That is if you HAVE TO procrastinate. Give yourself the ability to hit the reset button and get back to the task of taking the next steps to get your buttocks to the next level.

Even if it feels scary.

It’s easy to say that you will wait till the new year because it’s right around the corner. Happiness and fulfillment and growth are things that have to be initiated immediately to eventually come.

There is no tomorrow in the pursuit of passion. You don’t get an excuse, because you know as well as I know, if you are not happy, fulfilled, or growing today, you are not about to do it tomorrow.

Look… If taking a break from the status quo was easy, everyone would do it.

The gut feeling that you don’t know what the hell to do next is a sign you just might be heading in the right direction.  Take that feeling as a gift.

Getting Out Of The Way of The Legacy of You,
Michael Ian


Answer these questions

  • What is the one area of growth you keep putting off?
  • What fear or excuse keeps you putting it off?
  • Take a step, in this moment to move your growth forward.
  • Reminder: Taking a step is a habit. Keep taking steps, and you have a new habit.

Shoot me and email or post in the comments section below. I’ll respond.


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