BullseyeWhen I was a mobile DJ I had the honor of providing the
sound reinforcement and music for a new bicycle race in NJ. Target, the
mega-store, was the main sponsor of the event. The big red bulls eye logo was
at the center of all the promotional materials. I thought I was the
hottest  thing in town being the DJ
of a Target sponsored event.

Being a geeky 19 year old entrepreneur, I  wanted to know how much mooo-la did the
big red have to shell out to be a top billing sponsor. I excitedly went to the
guy who hired me, and asked him. Anticipating to hear about a huge sum of  money revealed to me I was disappointed
to hear the truth. I was told, “….We didn’t get paid anything….They gave us
permission…It makes us look bigger and more reliable…”

I was heart broken at the time, I was hoping to learn about
a get-rich-quick plan., Quickly I got over my heart break as I started to work
on more of my own projects.

 * * *

Partnerships are a valuable way of building a brand. It is
hard to put a price tag on the value driven by an association with a reputable
organization. There are many win/win possibilities out there. In trade, in
eblast swaps, in awareness opportunities, in product placements…You get it.

I am proud to announce my most recently won partnership.
This partnership is a one hand washes the other payment system. We promote
them, they promote us, we have their clients eyes, they have my industries

Ladies and Gentlemen, today at 1:30 PM Eastern Time,
StarQuest International will be formally announcing our alliance with the
Broadway show Burn The Floor.

Look at (the bottom) of their Partners page…Ok…Ok… We have a small square in the
bottom of the window, but hey.. This is one of many big steps to align our
dance competition with other large entertainment and arts based organizations. And
look at the other organizations we are paired up with as a partner!

We have been able to foster several opportunities with Burn The Floor, and I am excited to see what else we can do with them (While they are on Broadway, and once they start touring).

* * *

Look at your projects, ask yourself…”Self…What organizations
can I build a partnership with?”. Now-a-days not many organizations are willing
to write a check to you, but they are looking to build their brands to new

What non-cash partnerships have you built? Have they brought
you success, grief, nothing? Comment below or email me.

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