Why Am I Not Getting The Gigs I Want

Why Am I Not Getting The Gigs I Want

Why Am I Not Getting The Gigs I Want?

You have the talent, right?
You have the drive, right?
You have the personality, right?

So why are you not getting the gigs?!

It is probably because you have not made yourself relevant…YET.

In such a noisy world I want to see content that is relevant to me and I’m willing to bet you want the same thing. If something is going to be placed in front of my face, I want it to appeal to my interests, my values, AND my worldviews.

If you want the attention of specific people then you need to do two things:
1) Create quality content/products/services/art that appeals to those people.
2) Distribute it in such a way that those people constantly see it organically.

Gone are the days where advertisers can throw money into a commercial and have it be relevant to all consumers. The same goes for gig seeking; gone are the days where a simple cover letter and resume will get you in the door.

Make it impossible for me to miss you.
Make me see you before I need you.
Make sure that when I do need you, it’s a no-brainer.

Yes, this method of getting attention takes a stupid amount of work, but then again, if you love the work in the first place, it’s not really work to generate the work anyway.

Force the gig to come to you because you are just that damn good at getting the best version of you seen before you are ever needed.

Getting Gigs for the Legacy of You,

1) What gigs are you not getting yet?
2) How will you build relevance around your content/products/services/art for the people who will open the doors to those gigs?
3) Write your answer(s) in the comments section (which, by the way, is another step in building relevance)!

4 thoughts on “Why Am I Not Getting The Gigs I Want?”

  1. Michael, After working as a touring massage therapist for 10 years with Broadway shows. And just finishing a gig in Macau for 4 months I want to break into working with musical performers{ie. Janet Jackson}. I can’t seem to get a new foothold on this endeavor.

    1. Hey Jerry! You certainly are a master of your craft. It sounds like you are itching to work with a new crowd! good for you for listening to the voice inside yourself. Man, there are so many people who ignore that voice. I’m not familiar with what it takes to become a massage therapist for music performers, but just like any business, you need to make sure they know who you are before you need them… What type of promotion have you been doing so far? I’d love to thrash a few ideas with you here….

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