The Sexy Work

There is the work that is important to your vision (the sexy work) and there is work that is important to make the vision happen (the not so sexy work).

I know I often kick and scream like a brat when I have to do the not so sexy work. Depending on the task, perhaps I can delegate it. Maybe it will be sexy to someone else? Sometimes though it has to be done by me.

What is important is that you know how to recognize the sexy vs the not so sexy and accept that the not so sexy work will always exist in order to get to the sexy work.

Go do the work that is required to leave behind something great!. Your reward?

The sexy work!

Watching After The Legacy Of You,

Post Blog Workshop

1) What is your sexy work?
2) What is the work you do that feeds the sexy, but is your not so sexy work?
3) Are you ok doing #2 to get to #1?

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