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You’re In Luck

Throw Back Thursday:
This Throw Back Thursday post is originally from 2011 and has gotten a fresh coat of paint.

Original Way To Present Information:

“Sorry, sir, we don’t have any tickets for Wednesday evening’s performance. We only have tickets for Thursday night. Sorry!”

Rephrasing With A Positive Twist:

“Wednesday night is sold out, but you’re in luck! We have two tickets available for Thursday night!”

Try using the phrase, “You’re in luck,” in a situation you normally wouldn’t.

It’s important to me that you create work that is meaningful to you. In order to create the meaningful work you will need to persuade others to buy into your idea though. How you present your information makes or breaks your level of persuasion.

Influenced by Jeffrey Gitomer


  1. When have you presented information with a negative twist this week?
  2. How could you have presented the information positively?


Interested in your whole team being able to paint better pictures for your customers when they have to let them down? I want to help because this is the type of stuff I geek out over. Reach out to me!

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